What Does a Healthcare Marketer Do?

Healthcare marketing is an emerging field that blends traditional business marketing with healthcare.  If you have marketing knowledge good organizational skills and experience with data analysis, you may be a good candidate for a job as a healthcare marketer. 

What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare is a business, and every business needs marketing to spread the word about its services and products. People in the field of healthcare marketing use a wide range of traditional and innovative marketing techniques to attract healthcare consumers to the organizations they represent. It’s the job of a healthcare marketer to find new “customers” and keep current ones engaged with healthcare services.

The number of services and choices now available in the world of healthcare has made the field more competitive. Long gone are the days when there were one or two doctors in town to choose from. With a wide array of clinics, medical spas, specialists, and cosmetic services available, healthcare providers need to be more proactive in connecting with consumers. Like any business, they must take steps to make sure the public knows their services are available.

That’s where a healthcare marketer comes in.  

The Benefits of Healthcare Marketing

At its best, healthcare marketing benefits both patients and those who work in healthcare in the following ways:

  • Connecting patients with the healthcare they need
  • Connecting clinicians with the patients they are trained to help
  • Keeping patients engaged with relevant services
  • Helping clinicians retain patients and improve patient loyalty
  • Generate revenue for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations
  • Helping clinicians improve their productivity and services

What does a day in the Life of a Healthcare Marketer Look Like?

Working as a healthcare marketer opens many doors. Someone in this position could work at a facility such as a hospital, a clinic, or a physician’s office. Primary duties include promoting the organization to gain new patients and retain current ones. For example, if you worked at a clinic for cosmetic surgery, your job would be to promote that clinic at health fairs or other public events, recommend the clinic to new patients and foster good relationships with existing patients in case they should need or want more procedures in the future.

Some healthcare marketers are employed by the government. Job responsibilities in that position typically lean to promoting medicine to the public, such as vaccines or other medicines that protect public health. For example, a healthcare marketer working for the CDC may have the task of promoting a new HIV testing kit to physicians, clinics, or the public.  This type of job could require travel to different parts of the country or the world.

Whether working in private, public, or governmental practice, the position of healthcare marketer utilizes a variety of marketing campaigns both online and in person.

If your practice needs the benefits healthcare marketing provides, contact Clinician Box, LLC. We can help you select the marketing techniques that work best to promote your services. 

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