You Can't be as Cruel as Ed Gein


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Ed Gein had a grave robbing hobby made for one of the most shocking police raids in history. Ed Gein committed 2 extremely brutal murders as per the police records.

Ed Gein

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Ed Gein'S mother had 2 son's one was Ed Gein and other was Henry. Ed Gein and his brother Henry were raised mostly by their mother in the town of Plainfield in the family farm.

Ed Gein

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Ed Gein's mother made a habit of punishing both of them for even trying to make friends. Still, his mother was his best friend. In 1940, Ed Gein's dad passed away because of heart failure caused by his liquor addiction. Due to their father's death both the boys had to go to work as a handyman to feed the family.

Ed Gein

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After 4 years of their father's death while everything was going well Ed Gein lost his brother Henry in a house fire. A long time later, however, specialists speculated that Ed Gein may have been in charge of his sibling's demise. One biographer even composed that Henry's carcass had wounds on its head when it was found.

Soon after Henry's death Ed Gein also lost his mother due to a stroke in December 1945. For the next 12 years after his mother's death, no one expected anything much from Ed Gein. He filled in as a handyman and rancher amid this time. In any case, in his private life, he was up to something much more awful.

Ed Gein

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In 1957, a neighborhood entrepreneur disappeared. Bernice Worden ran the town handyman shop, and Ed Gein was one of the last individuals to purchase something before her vanishing. When police investigated Ed Gein's house the scene was horrifying. Police found Worden's body strung up in a shed. She had been decapitated, hung upside down, and gutted like a deer. According to police, Worden was dead prior to the mutilations.

Ed Gein

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Police also found: "whole and fragmented human bones, a wastebasket made of human skin, human skin covering several chair seats, skulls on his bedposts, mutilated female skulls, bowls made from human skulls, a corset made from a female torso skinned from shoulders to waist, leggings made from human leg skin, masks made from the skin of female heads, Mary Hogan's (another victim of Gein's) face mask in a paper bag, Mary Hogan's skull in a box, Bernice Worden's entire head in a burlap sack, Bernice Worden's heart "in a plastic bag in front of Gein's potbellied stove," a belt made from female human nipples, four noses, a pair of lips on a window shade drawstring, a lampshade made from the skin of a human face, and fingernails from female fingers." - ViralNova

Ed Gein

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Ed Gein was immediately arrested at the scene. After the interrogation, Ed Gein confessed to killing a second woman, Mary Hogan, in 1954, and making numerous grave robbing trips. He used to dig up the graves of middle-aged women who he believed looked like his mother. Gein would then carry the bodies home and use the skin to make horrifying paraphernalia.

Ed Gein

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At first, Ed Gein was not discovered rationally skillful to stand preliminary for his violations. He was rather sent to a psychological doctor's facility. In 1968, specialists confirmed that Ed Gein had turned out to be sufficiently normal to stand preliminary. Following multi-week, the jury sentenced for first- degree kill. After the preliminary, he came back to the psychological healing center, where he would spend whatever is left of his life. And after a few years on July 24, 1984, Ed Gein died due to lung cancer at 77 years old.

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