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Reward Scheme for Post Writer

If you are a smart/creative person, myfreedo.com is the best opportunity you will ever come across in your life. No experience necessary. We will pay you if it's good. You talk directly to the editors — no form letter rejections. Your work could be seen by millions of people. We need articles, photoshops, informative news & videos. Take your pick. Register Now and if you are already register ,then login by click on login button .

write 1st.Guest post Get Rs.100/ if your post is unique & interesting
Write a post  300+ words Get Rs.25/per Post
Get 10000 Views on single post Get Rs.250/ Max.60 days from date of post
10000+views after 1st.10k Rs.500/ Max.90 days from date of post
Share on social media Share 5 post with social media Get Rs.5/per share
If your post is viral & get 10000+Views in First week  after post Get Rs.1000/  
Viral 10+ Post Get Rs.5000/ Within 3 month

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