The Mauritius Based Parent Company Recently Invested INR 69 Cr in Make My Trip India


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Check Out the Complete Story Behind this Investment for Make My Trip India

Make My Trip India is the most famous travel company in India that provides various facilities to the users online including flights, buses, railway tickets, hotel booking, travel packages and much more. After merging with the Ibibo, the company has become one of the most trusted brands in the travel field.

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Now as per the recent news the Mauritius based parent company of Make My Trip is going to invest in Make My Trip India around 69 Cr INR for the expansion with Bengaluru-based Company Bitla Software, it is revealed by ROC (Registrar of Companies). Bitla Software is the same company that manages all technological part of the bus travel management software for the Make My Trip India.

As per the news, this investment in Bitla Software will be the sixth investment of the company in the field of technology. The Make My Trip Company is listed in Nasdaq and genuinely contributing in the customer satisfaction.

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It is stated that around 85% revenue of the parent company Make My Trip is generated by the Make My Trip India. And after this recent investment, it is stated by the company that “Marketing and sales promotion expenses increased by 19.1 percent to $93.9 million in the quarter ended March 31, 2018, from $78.8 million in the quarter ended March 31, 2017. Marketing and sales promotion expenses primarily include significant customer inducement and acquisition programme expenses incurred to accelerate growth in our standalone hotel booking business and brand advertisement expenses. The primary drivers of this year-over-year increase were the consolidation of marketing and sales promotion expenses of the Ibibo Group acquired on January 31, 2017.”

Now they are expanding their services in India through the marketing campaigns by casting many famous Bollywood celebrities of India. Make My Trip India is growing exponentially in India.

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